Jan 25-27, 2019: Winter Campout


Put it on the Calendar!!  
Don’t miss out.  Winter Camp out is coming up.
We are going to Camp Storer January 25th – January 27th 2019.
Free T-Shirts for all new members on their first camp out.  Please let your group leader know if you have any questions.
  • Who will be the Broom-ball champs this year?
  • Will we be able to burn through all the wood they give us? 
  • Who will win the snow-snake trophy?
  • Will the previous winner remember to bring it?
  • Come find out!!!!
Registration is available at: circlebridge.com/3fires/
And don’t forget:  Snow Snakes!

Get started on your snow-snake for 2019 Winter Camp!  (There has to be snow this year!)

There will be medals for the top three in;
– Design (think out of the box – characters, lights, special effects), and
– Distance (how far into the cattails will these things travel?)
Attached are the rules and regulations!  Get together with your circle if you want and pool all the good ideas.

Snow Snake Rules are here!

If you’ve got any questions about camping, check out our Camping page for more information.

Camp Storer: